West Coast DSO is Thriving by Combining Their Marketing Agency with Patient Prism’s Call Analytics

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Smiles West's Journey

The Client

Dr. Barouir Deirmenjiian’s DSO has been acquiring dental practices at about a rate of two per year and now owns eight brands and 25 locations around the greater Los Angeles area. His vision is to serve patients of all ages, backgrounds, and every walk of life. 

His original flagship brand is Smiles West, and all locations will soon be under the Smile West banner.

Dr. “Barry’s” corporation, B. Deirmenjiian & Affiliates (a.k.a., Smiles West), has been on the INC 5000 list and INC 500 in California. 

The DSO’s specialists, general dentists, hygienists, assistants, and benefit coordinators offer a complete range of dental services.

They are dedicated to making dental care affordable and rewarding so that individuals have “a reason to share their smiles.”

The Challenge

Marketing Director, Sherri Paxton, wants to ensure the performance of their front desks and call center is improving and maintaining a high level of scheduling patients. How?

By monitoring the quality of their call conversions (both for new patient acquisition and meeting the needs of existing patients).

What does that equate to?

  • Full utilization of their teams and operatories
  • Maximizing and limiting their marketing budget
  • Sustaining profitable cash flow
  • Continuously acquiring dental practices that are good fits for their DSO model

The Solution

Sherri is passionate about tracking KPIs, including marketing attribution, call conversion, collections, and revenue. She uses SMC National, Patient Prism, and Jarvis Analytics. 

And she doesn’t just use them. She maximizes their usage. She is constantly examining the performance of each location.

What she loves about Patient Prism is its robust metrics and easy-to-read, intuitive dashboard – and the RELO alerts that Patient Prism’s AI sends them to re-engage lost opportunities. 

The AI does it for them with such accuracy that she only listens to specific calls to understand why certain RELO alerts are happening.

“The data on existing patient calls is also great. When I listen to failed calls with existing patients, I discover a different set of issues to be resolved. Then I can immediately work with the location managers to fix those problems.”

She finds Patient Prism excellent for training call center and location-specific front desk team members on how to converse with callers.

It also tells you what not to forget to mention, such as:

  • In-house dental plans
  • Financing for extensive dentistry
  • Your mission to make dentistry affordable and accessible

But those are just simple examples of what collectively is driving up revenue.

The Results

Smiles West recovered $162,000 in collected revenue

“It’s a Game-Changer” ​

When SMC National invited Sherri Paxton to be a pilot client using Patient Prism, she immediately said yes. The initial goal was to provide Sherri with the more robust data only Patient Prism’s AI could provide. 

She quickly learned that the data exceeded expectations, and the RELO alerts were a gold mine.

Patient Prism onboarded nine locations in October of 2021, and 19 of their practices are now live with Patient Prism.

In October, when they started, they were converting new patients at 84% but had over $52,000 in lost estimated revenue. 

In the first 5 months of having Patient Prism, 51 new patients were recovered from RELO alerts.

They had a follow-up success rate of 27% and have generated over $162,000 in estimated revenue by completing follow-ups.


Sheri reports that their Patient Prism ROI in March 2022 was over 1,800%! 

Digging into the numbers, she knows some locations are pulling up their call conversion rate more than others. 

This is something on which she is proactively working. And she looks at the 27% conversion success from callbacks and knows from the experience of other DSOs using Patient Prism that their RELO conversion rate can be at least doubled. 

She is aiming for tripled! She is excited and pushing the front offices and call center to do callbacks, not just to new patient callers but also to existing patients. She knows the gains will multiply when performance climbs.

“Our practice managers and doctors can now think proactively about how to lead their teams to higher performance. I don’t need to be the only one managing by the numbers. They can do it daily and easily for their own practices.”

Sherri Paxton
Director of Marketing, Smiles West

Sherri Paxton

Smiles West


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