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Riccobene Associates's Journey

The Client

Michael Riccobene, DDS, is the founder and CEO of Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry. 

As of April 2022, Riccobene Associates has over 35 locations in the triangle area and is growing with opportunities for general dentists, endodontists, pediatric dentists, oral surgeons, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and front office team members. 

Michael Riccobene’s vision is to provide patients and employees a friendly environment that utilizes the latest in dental technology and provides state-of-the-art services.

Keeping the vision of “a family team environment” alive has been his mission since 2000. 

Providing patients with a welcoming, friendly, comfortable, and quality experience from the moment they seek a dentist is essential to him and his associates.

The Challenge

“We have a constant flow of incoming calls to answer and manage, and we don’t want to miss high-value new patients. We want to give them the appointment they want and serve them with our finest hospitality and care.”

What is the best way to face these challenges? 

By utilizing the latest AI technology to inform you of missed opportunities and provide information about those callers.

We want the ability to call them back, have intelligent conversations, and schedule them within minutes.”

That’s where Patient Prism comes in…

The Solution

Riccobene continues.

“Patient Prism’s AI feedback and industry-expert videos train our team members in the best ways to manage new patient calls in many situations.”

“The RELO (Re-Engage Lost Opportunity) alerts arriving from Patient Prism’s AI software supply our teams with the information they need to make effective callbacks.”

“From my perspective as the CEO of a growing dental group, managing regional managers with oversight over local practice managers.”

“Patient Prism’s Live call analytics are more comprehensive and valuable than any other call software provides.”

The Results

Riccobene Associates recovered $34,000 in collected revenue

When Riccobene Associates started with Patient Prism in January 2020, their new patient conversion was measured at 83%. 

In March of 2022, their new patient conversion was 88%.

That 5% increase may not seem hugely significant until it is pointed out that the additional 5% generated over $723,000 in estimated revenue.

Riccobene’s teams called back 636 missed opportunities during the month of March by utilizing the RELO follow-up process. 

They recovered 318 new patients that initially said no. Their success rate was 50%!

"Our managers say that because our receptionists habitually call back potential new patients, making those RELO calls has become easy and comfortable. When we increase new patient revenue on that scale, it is something to celebrate. It means we are maximizing our schedules, people, and operatories.”

Michael Riccobene
Founder and CEO, Riccobene Associates

Michael Riccobene

Riccobene Associates


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