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Lollipop Dental's Journey

The Client

Lollipop Dental has nine pediatric dentists and five orthodontists providing pediatric dentistry and orthodontics in four locations south of Los Angeles—in Cerritos, Placentia, Garden Grove, and Costa Mesa, California.

They are dedicated to providing the same top-of-line care they would give their own kids and view each child as an extension of their own family.

The Challenge

Like most multi-location dental groups, they needed a solution that would quickly help them:

  • Improve their call-handling success rate
  • Provide the extensive call metrics they needed to truly understand what happens on their phone calls
  • Motivate their call receptionists to solve problems

The Solution

Lollipop Dental implemented Patient Prism in February of 2022. 

Patient Prism’s call tracking and coaching platform utilize artificial intelligence to assess every new patient phone call. This is the information you get:

  • Who called (name)
  • The ad-specific phone number relayed to their office
  • The dental services requested
  • The associated revenue opportunity
  • Whether the caller scheduled
  • If the caller did not schedule, the possible reasons why

Every time a potential new patient ends the call without scheduling, Patient Prism quickly sends an alert back to the practice detailing the following:

  • The caller’s concerns 
  • Effective phrasing the team can use to call back and convert that patient

In response to these alerts, Lollipop team members could call back and attempt to schedule the new patients they wanted.

The alerts and feedback help receptionists develop optimal conversational skills for engaging new patients. 

In addition, Patient Prism tracks:

  • Individual team member performance
  • The number of calls answered and converted to appointments
  • The number of opportunity alerts called and converted

And Patient Prism rewards receptionists with monthly certificates for hitting target percentages.

Dr. Pham knows how each is performing and can now recognize them for their efforts and provide training to fill their conversational skills and knowledge gaps.

The Results

Lollipop Dental recovered $34,000 in collected revenue

Within the first 30 days of using Patient Prism, Lollipop dental converted 96% of incoming new callers. 

This high conversion rate was made possible by Patient Prism alerts to call back prospective patients. 

In that first month, they recovered $34,000 in new patient revenue that would have been lost had they not made the callbacks.

“Patient Prism has been a game changer for us! It allows us to see in real time our call conversions and opportunities, holds our team accountable, and rewards them for a job well done – all in one platform. Our team loves it!”

Mary Pham
Founder and CEO, Lollipop Dental

Mary Pham

Lollipop Dental


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