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September 27, 2023 @ 2:00 PM EST

Leveraging Patient Prism's AI for Practice Growth

In partnership with AudExperts, this webinar showcases real success stories, including how CEO Jared Brader recovered over $548k in just months. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your practice – Register Now!
"Patient Prism’s artificial intelligence has learned exactly how our patients and staff interact. This technology provides my phones and training team real-time analysis, lead follow up notices, and missed call identification resulting in over $548,000 in additional recaptured revenue in our first few months."
Jared Brader, MBA
Practice Owner of Hearing and Brain Centers of America, Marketing System Architect at

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Brenton Paul - Director Of Sales, Patient Prism

My name is Brenton Paul and I have been in software sales for over 10 years. I enjoy the challenge of working with all types of people and providing them with tools to improve their business.

About The Webinar

Discover The Power Of Patient Prism's AI For Accelerating Practice Expansion

Embark on a compelling journey with us during this illuminating webinar as we unveil the remarkable capabilities of Patient Prism’s cutting-edge AI technology in propelling the growth of your audiology practice. Presented in collaboration with AudExperts, this interactive session offers a comprehensive demonstration, shedding light on how Patient Prism can revolutionize your practice’s trajectory.

Guided by the expertise of Patient Prism and supported by AudExperts, this webinar will spotlight the transformative potential of harnessing AI in audiology. Delve into real-world success as we showcase the incredible story of Jared Brader, CEO of the Hearing and Brain Centers of America. Jared’s experience highlights the impressive achievement of recovering over $500k within the initial months of implementation.

Mark your calendar and ensure you don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to explore how Patient Prism’s AI can become your catalyst for practice growth. Elevate your audiology practice to new heights by tapping into the power of AI-driven strategies. Join us and be prepared to unlock a future of enhanced possibilities.

Unleash Your Audiology Practice’s Potential With Patient Prism’s AI – Join Our Webinar!