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Add thousands of dollars a month in revenue for your dental practice.

Build Trust

Track how much revenue you lose when callers don't book appointments.


See which marketing investments deliver high-value patients.

Help your staff handle new-patient calls effectively. Provide timely feedback, coaching, and training.


Manage your marketing and conversions through an online dashboard. Create detailed reports fast.

Add up to $8,000 in revenue
per week, even in small solo

Your marketing investment will go much
further when you improve the way your staff
handles calls from potential patients.

See more revenue within just a few months.

Linda Miles, CSP, consultant to dental practices


Quickly spot failed calls. Take fast action to recover new patients you’ve lost.

  • Within about an hour of each call, find out why you’ve lost a new patient on the phone.
  • See information that will help you recover the lost opportunity.

Remediate staff behaviors that cost your office new patients

  • Understand points of failure without having to listen to entire calls.
  • Listen only to the portions of the call that matter.
  • Review coaching notes that Patient Prism provides for each call.

See which marketing investments are most productive

  • Use a simple dashboard to see which marketing tactics and channels are producing the most revenue.
  • Quickly generate comprehensive, detailed marketing reports across your marketing channels.
  • Save hours each week in preparing reports and analysis.

Train your team to be more effective

  • Use a dentistry-focused learning management system to sharpen team skills.
  • Through Constant, provide team access to hundreds of hours of short instructional videos.
  • Assign individualized training programs, then track how individuals follow them.
  • Measure changes to their skills and knowledge before and after training.
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    "Patient Prism is much more than software for tracking incoming phone calls."


    "It's a  management tool my offices use every day to improve our service to patients. It also tracks the effectiveness of our marketing programs. 

    Our front-office conversions are up by more than 90% in six months."

    Dr. Nilash Patel,  DDS, Serenity Dental

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    "Doubled the growth..."


    "Our new patient growth doubled without spending more on marketing."

    Dr. Stephen Malone, DMD, Knoxville Dentist

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    "Added thousands to our revenue..."


    "Within the first week, Patient Prism showed us how to add thousands of dollars to our daily production."

    Dr. Todd Sawisch, DDS, Dr. Todd Sawisch & Associates


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About Patient Prism

To help dental practices grow, Patient Prism offers cloud-based software that quickly evaluates how front-office staff handle phone calls from prospective patients.

Depending on the size of the practice, our offerings can help generate thousands or tens of thousands of dollars of added revenue each month.

We also track which marketing investments are most effective. And we provide coaching and training to help staff manage calls more effectively.

The company's home office is in Tampa, Florida.

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